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Observations from The Grand Lake Bum

I’m done.  I’ve had enough Thanksgiving stuffing!  Starting with the Road Hog Saloon pot luck dinner Wednesday night, the official Monkey Island ThanksgivingThursday night at Big Shots, and wrapping up with Saturday night’s Festivus Party at Shangri-La followed by their big Thanksgiving Sunday Brunch Sundaymorning, I have successfully completed all my dining obligations for the holiday.  There’s nothing left to do now but enjoy my favorite holiday of the year – one that requires no gift-giving obligations, no out-of-town guests looking for a free boat ride, and no unexpected guests.  I’m going to enjoy the holiday weekend with my favorite Thanksgiving dish – Wild Turkey!

Thanks to the accuracy of the TV meteorologists, I pretty much had the water to myself over the weekend. They had forecast pouring down rain all weekend, but of course we had dry temperatures in the 60s most of the weekend, instead.  Don’t you wish you could draw a six-figure salary in a job where you were allowed to remain employed even though you were wrong fifty percent of the time? They’re forecast really nice weather for the weekend ahead, so watch out!


I actually wasn’t out alone over the weekend.  Every insect known to mankind was out, including a major invasion of sweet little Lady Bugs. The funniest thing I saw was a vindictive wasp trying to sting a Walking Stick to death.  Unfortunately for the wasp, the “Walking Stick” turned out to be an actual stick.  That’s gotta hurt a guy’s little stinger!


This weekend is the big shopping weekend, of course.  I can’t believe the big stores are starting their sales on Thanksgiving Day, forcing their employees to work on such a big family holiday.  If you start your shopping on Thanksgiving Day, I hope everything you buy is defective.  You can wait.  Friday is Black Friday. Saturday is the most important shopping day – Small Business Saturday.  Monday, of course, has been named by Google or Yahoo or Amazon or someone as Cyber-Monday; so you’ll probably have trouble with your internet connections Monday. That’s okay.  You ought to be buying your stuff from Grand Lake area merchants anyway.  What did Amazon ever do to support Grand Lake?

Let the holiday weirdness begin!  It’s underway already in Boston, where 26-year-old Cameron Shenk was arrested after he went into a women’s restroom stall at Logan International Airport, took off all his clothes and climbed into the space above the ceiling.  I’m not sure what his original plan was, but when he fell through the dropped ceiling, he chose to attack an 84-year-old man – while still naked.  Bring on the squirrels.  The nuts are out.  Literally, in this case.


Lawyers at work.  Anthony Warren finally won his police brutality lawsuit. He’s still in prison for running over a police officer, but filed the brutality lawsuit after he took a good beating once he got caught.  The award was $460,000.  After he paid his lawyers, he had $1,000 left.  Karma.  That’ll get him plenty of candy at the prison canteen, anyway.


I hope you have a trouble-free home, boat, and office.  It’s deer season in Oklahoma now; and you probably won’t be able to find anyone to do any repairs or maintenance around the lake until December 8.

Comedian/actor Bill Cosby has been bruised and battered over the last couple of weeks by an onslaught of allegations of sexual attacks on women. The one that caught my eye was a claim of forced sexual attention on bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno’s wife.  You’ve gotta have really screwed-up thinking to attack The Incredible Hulk’s wife! My quotable pal Terry Davis says this Cosby controversy sheds a whole new light on the Jello shot!


I saw in the Tulsa World that Governor Mary Fallin has something called an “Impaired Driving Advisory Council.”  What a colossal waste of time.  Impaired driving isn’t that difficult.  After three or four drinks, anybody can do it.


BEST MARQUIS SIGN OF THE WEEK (First Church of Polydeism): If a tree falls in the forest and Fox News isn’t there to cover it, is it still Obama’s fault?

BEST TOMBSTONE EPITAPH: Died from not forwarding that email to ten people.


BEST FACEBOOK POST OF THE WEEK: Good luck explaining at Thanksgiving why you’re still single and Charles Manson isn’t.


GRAND LAKE BUM SHOUT-OUTS:  Grand Lake Happy Birthday wishes go out this week to J.B. Robison, Jr., Debi Holcomb White, Amber Hopeman, Renea Walters, Jade Piper, Mike Vaughn, Priscilla Wallace, Kim Williams, Linda Lippitt, Judy Keeton, Reid Smith, Jackie Bluejacket, Marty Follis, Kendall Adams, Alice Blade, Buddy Yandell, John Vance, Darrel Hicks, Robb Garwood, Dave Faulkner, and Ben Gibbs. Congratulations, too, to Monkey Islanders who raised another $6,000 at their Saturday morning pancake breakfast – enough for another three football fields of concrete to extend the Island Pedestrian Trail. Congrats, as well, to Adair and Colcord, the only two Grand Lake area high school teams still playing football.  Adair hosts Davis and Colcord hosts Oklahoma Christian Friday night at 7:30 in the Class 2A quarterfinals.


UNANSWERED QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  If athlete’s get athlete’s foot, do astronauts get mistletoe?


BEST EVENTS OF THE WEEK: If you don’t have somewhere to go for great food and fellowship on Thanksgiving Day, Lake Center Baptist Church on Monkey Island is serving free Thanksgiving dinner to all comers, Thursday from 11:00-1:00.  Friday is the first ever “I’m-Sick-of-Turkey-and-I’m-Not-Cooking” Seafood Buffet at the Summit at Shangri-La 5:00-9:00 p.m. I don’t care so much about “Black Friday” sales, except for the only place I’ve seen doing it right. The Den of Uniquity of Monkey Island will feature 20% discounts on all black clothing items Friday Small Business Saturday is bigger on my list (shop small, shop local). Saturday is also the opening of the “Main Street Christmas” display at Har-Ber Village (2:00-8:00 with Tree Lighting Ceremonies featuring Ron Young at 6:00).


GRAND LAKE WEEKEND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: The nighttime partying is always underway on Grand Lake, and the Thanksgiving holiday weekend ahead is no different. Buffalo Run Casino has two nights of live music Friday and Saturday nights at the Trailer Park Bar & Grill featuring The Sex.  Terry Ayerswill perform at the piano Friday and Saturday nights in the Lover’s Leap Lounge at Downstream Casino, while The Texas Blues Butchers will take stage at Downstream’s Legends Sports Bar both Friday and Saturday nights. The weekend begins on Wednesday night at Indigo Sky Casino’s Echo Bar with The Domino Kings, followed by a Thursday night performance by Oreo Blue.  Friday night features music from The Dirty Saints.

On Monkey Island, Big Shots Rhythm & Booze, Monkey Island Pub, and Road Hog Saloon always have the music cranked up and the dance floors open. If you’re on the south end of the lake, try the always great entertainment at Pickles at the Lake; and if you’re in the Grove area, there’s always great music and entertainment at J.R. Spanky’s on Highway 10.

The best spots to catch NFL and college football, NBA, and NHL action are the Buffalo Bar at Shangri-La, Monkey Island Pub, Hookers at Cherokee Yacht Club, Pickles at the Lake in Langley, J.R. Spanky’s and JJ’s Wing ‘N’ It in Grove.  Enjoy!


BUM MUST-SEE TV: Jane the Virgin Mondays at 8:00 on The CW


BUM MUST-SEE MOVIES: The Theory of Everything


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “When Adrian Peterson pulled out that switch and told his little boy ‘this is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you,’ he wasn’t kidding!” – Terry Davis


SAVE THE DATE:  Stand by!  Christmas officially starts next week in the Grand Lake area.  Thursday, December 4 – Vinita Christmas Parade (7:00).Thursday, December 4 – Asleep at the Wheel concert at Indoor Peoria Showplace at Buffalo Run Casino. Saturday, December 6 – Miami Christmas Parade on Route 66. Friday, December 12 – Ketchum’s “Gateway to Grand Lake” Christmas Parade (6:30). Saturday, December 6 – “Whoville” Party at Monkey Island Pub. Saturday, December 13 – Polar Plunge at Arrowhead Yacht Club. Saturday, December 13 – Christmas Boat Parade out of Cherokee Yacht Club. Saturday, December 13 – Grand Lake Christmas Parade Across the Dam. Saturday, December 13 – Grove Area Chamber Lighted Christmas Parade. Sunday, December 21 – Sunday Brunch with Santa (photo opportunities, too) at the Summit Restaurant at Shangri-La.


In the college sports world, OU and OSU both have the Thanksgiving holiday weekend off as they prepare to meet each other in bedlam the following week to wrap up the regular season, but there are plenty of other fabulous games.  College football starts on Thursday this week with great match-ups in the Big XII and SEC. TCU is at Texas (6:30 on Fox Sports 1) and LSU is at Texas A&M (6:30 on ESPN) Thanksgiving night. Tulsa and Arkansas both play Friday, with the Razorbacks traveling to Missouri (1:30 on CBS) and Tulsa hosting East Carolina Friday night (7:00 on ESPNU).  Nebraska is at Iowa Friday morning at 11:00(ESPNU). Saturday’s college games include Mississippi State at Ole Miss (2:30 on CBS), Baylor at Texas Tech (2;30 on ABC/ESPN2), Michigan State at Penn State (2:30 on ABC/ESPN2), and Auburn at Alabama (6:45 on ESPN). Some of the truly great in-state rivalries are Saturday including Florida/Florida State (2:30 on ESPN), Kansas/Kansas State (3:00 on Fox Sports 1), Oregon/Oregon State (7:00 on ABC), Kentucky at Louisville (11:00 on ESPN2), and Washington/Washington State (9:30 on Fox Sports 1). Other good ones include Notre Dame at USC (2:30 on Fox) and West Virginia at Iowa State (11:00 on Fox Sports 1).

NFL action kicks of Thanksgiving Day with the traditional holiday battles – Chicago at Detroit (22:30 on CBS), Philadelphia at Dallas (3:30 on Fox) and Seattle at San Francisco (7:30 on NBC).  Sunday’s games include Tennessee at Houston (12:00 on CBS), Washington at Indianapolis (12:00 on Fox), New England at Green Bay (3:30 on CBS), and Denver at Kansas City (7:30 on NBC). Monday Night Football features the New York Jets hosting the Miami Dolphins (7:30 on ESPN).

In the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder hosts the New York Knicks Friday night at 7:00 (Fox Sports Oklahoma), then has the rest of the holiday weekend to rest up for a Tuesday night trip to the Crescent City to take on the New Orleans Pelicans (7:00 on Fox Sports Oklahoma).



The weather for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend ahead couldn’t be better – sunshine with high temperatures in the mid-50s all weekend long. Get your food, family & football fix on Thursday, then get on the water or the golf course the rest of the weekend.  There’s something to do everywhere you look this weekend; but remember, wherever you decided to party on Grand Lake, be sure to buy a drink for the guy next to you.  It could be me.



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Looking for places to go, things to do, services to use or property to buy in the Grand Lake area?  Here’s a starter kit listing of “open to the public” fun places to spend time at Grand Lake.


American Grill in Grove

Aquabar & Grill at The Landings Marina on Monkey Island (smoking on the deck)

Artichoke Restaurant & Bar in Langley (smoking in the bar)

Big Shots on Monkey Island (smoking upstairs—open Friday & Saturday nights)

Book ‘ems at South Wind Marina in Bernice

Buffalo Bar at Shangri-La on Monkey Island (smoking on the patios)

Buffalo Run Casino in Miami (smoking)

Carlos Montez in Langley (smoking in bar)

Ceasar’s Place in Vinita and on Monkey Island

Chicken Coop in Langley

Clanton’s Café in Vinita

Docks Bar at Harbors View Marina

Downstream Casino in Quapaw (smoking)

Drake’s Restaurant in Grove

Frosty & Edna’s (west of the dam in Langley)

Grand Lake Burrito in Ketchum

Grand Lake Casino, north of Grove on Highway 10 (smoking)

Grand Lodge in Ketchum (smoking)

High Winds Casino east of Miami (smoking)

Indigo Sky Casino west of Seneca, Mo. (smoking)

Iron Frog (Grove)

Island Joe's Kentena at Shangri-La Marina (smoking)

J.J.’s Wing ‘N’ It in Downtown Grove

J.R. Spanky's on Highway 10 north of Grove (smoking)

Karrie's Kaboose in Vinita (smoking)

Kelly’s Bar & Deli at Red Arrow Marina

La Casita de Martin in Grove

Lighthouse Supper Club in Ketchum

Los Garcias in Langley

Lupe's Mexican Restaurant in Grove

Monkey Island Pub (Smoking)

Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Disney (smoking, etc.)

Napoli’s Italian Restaurant (Langley)

Nu Taste Restaurant in Grove

Okie Smokies Barbecue in Grove on Hwy 59 South

Book ‘ems Restaurant & Pub at South Wind Marina in Bernice

Pensacola Pizza & Pasta in Langley  (smoking on patio only)

Pickles at the Lake in Langley

Quarterdeck Cafe at Tera Miranda Harbor (smoking on the deck)

Rancho Viejo in Grove

Road Hog Saloon at the entrance to Monkey Island (smoking...but not at lunch)

Rusty Anchor (next to the cliffs at Dripping Springs)

Scooters in Langley (smoking)

Sharky’s at Hammerhead Marina (smoking)

Smokin’ Spur BBQ & Trading Post at Old Towne Plaza, Cleora

Stuffn’s Restaurant in Ketchum (Smoking on patio)

Summerside Winery in Vinita

Summit Restaurant at Shangri-La on Monkey Island (smoking on the patio)

The Grill at Indian Hills Resort & Marina in Bernice

The Landings Marina (smoking on the deck)

The Landings Market and Grill on Monkey Island (smoking on the patio)

The Parrot at Honey Creek Landing in Grove (Smoking on the patio)

The Office on Monkey Island (smoking)

The Stables Casino in Miami (smoking)

The Shebang on Monkey Island (smoking on patio and Balcony Bar)

Trail’s End Barbecue in Grove

Ugly’s Grill & Bar, Thunder Bay Marina (smoking)

VIP Pizza at Hammerhead Marina (smoking on deck)

Water Side Bar & Grill in Grove

Waterway Café, Harbors View Marina (smoking on breakwater dining deck)

Wyandotte Nation Casino at Twin Bridges (smoking)

Your Place (Grove Main Street)