The Women's Auxiliary Association of Monkey Island

The Women's Auxiliary Association of Monkey Island is a 501c3 non-profit organization who provides support for the community we love.

The Women's Auxiliary Association of Mo

The Women's Auxiliary Association of Monkey Island was formed in 1989, to support the Monkey Island Fire Department, also formed that year. For many years, we greatly added to their operating funds, and paid for the buildings and much of their equipment by holding events for fundraising.

thumbanil for [ no title ]In recent years, our beloved Fire Department has become tax supported, and we no longer felt the urgency to do our lunches, dinners, and events. So, we reorganized under our own name, became a 501c3 non-profit, and found a new purpose! We have several activities we support,  MIFPD, the Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake, Good Shepard Hospice, Community Crisis Line, Toys for Tots, Monkey Island Association, to name a few. We also are spearheading the Monkey Island Pedestrian Trail development, alongside the Monkey Island Association, Mike Long, and many others.

We ask people to come support us, we want all ladies to join us! We meet the first monday of every month, unless it's a holiday, in the Vista Towers on Monkey Island, 11th Floor at 6:30pm.

For any information you may call any member, or just come to the next meeting!

Our Dedicated Staff Members are:

President-Carole Chalupnik

VP-Linda McCulla

Publicity-Kaye Slepka

Secretary-Marilyn Mlnarik

Treasurer - Jean Kirkpatrick