Shout & Sack Convenience Store & Deli

In Vinita, Oklahoma. Gas, pop, beer and the best food around! Get It all at Shout & Sack!

Not your average convenience store!

Shout & Sack, an independent convenience store in Vinita Oklahoma knows what it takes to have "one good one." Chris Carter and his wife, Jody, opened the business in July 1978, and have since turned the store into the community hub, attracting roughly 3,000 customers a day in a town of 6,400.

What brings so many customer through Shout & Sack's doors? Above all else, cleanliness! Chris Carter, former U.S. Navy serviceman, has made having a clean store his top priority! From the kitchen to the restrooms, it will be clean!!!!

Customer Service is a very close second. The minute you walk in you are met with a friendly hello. A family owned and operated convenience store with several members of the Carter family pitching in at various times.

Shout & Sack recently gained national attention, at least in industry circles, with a five-page spread in Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner magazine, which highlighted the store's popularity in a business dominated by chains and franchises.

Carter also sells his own brand of gasoline... "Get It! Gas."

"I like to see my customers when they're going to work and then when they stop back in on their way home." Chris Carter, Owner of Shout & Sack

Carter said suppliers and even locals often ask him why he doesn't operate more stores. Shout & Sack did expand for a time, he said, but he closed that location after four years to concentrate on the original store, now at 12,000 square feet, and his family.

Carter also has resisted letting others manage the store, instead working full time with his wife. "It would be easy for us to just step back and let someone else do all the work," Carter said. "But I'm too hands-on to do that."


Every weekday, owner Chris Carter serves about 250 lunches in the town of 6,000, and dozens more meals go out as part of Shout & Sack's catering service.

"The food's the most important part," Carter said. "Without the food, we're the same as everyone else."

Satisfying customers' taste buds has allowed Carter and his wife, Jody, to turn the business into a social hub, despite it being nondescript from the outside and located nowhere near the interstate highway.

Carter said he quickly found that food, initially chicken salad sandwiches, drew people to the business.  No prepackaged foodservice is used, only fresh made on site will do!

Come try a juicy burger basket or broasted chicken today! Still hungry we offer: barbecue, chicken strips and many other items!

Daily hot food specials during the winter months & weekly lunch specials year around!

Today, with a staff of about 17, the store makes fresh chicken, barbecue, sandwiches and side orders. On Fridays, the line goes out the door for fried catfish, made with a special recipe by Carter, a devout Catholic.


In the back, inside a full kitchen equipped with a grill and smoker, employees prepare food for the catering business, which serves everyone from weddings and birthday parties to business gatherings and political events.

From Casual to Formal "Get It!" at the Smok'n Big Dawg!

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