PAAS Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter

PAAS Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter is a 501C3 shelter that houses homeless dogs and cats in the Craig county and S. Grand Lake area. Donations Welcome!

Adoption and Fostering

Are you interested in adopting? Or Fostering? If you are interested in helping please call 918-256-7227  


The Adoption Process

The PAAS Vinita adoption process is very easy and simple. You can visit our facility and view the puppies, dogs, kittens, & cats to see if you find an animal that you like. You, as the potential individual or family candidate will be required to fill out the adoption paperwork at PAAS Vinita or the online form below.

Adoption Application

Our goal is to help you provide a great home for any of our available animals. If you are interested in adopting a dog or a cat, you can speak with one of our Adoption Specialists who will help you find an animal that fits you or your family!

Are There Adoption Fees?

Yes, fees are part of our support structure to our organization. The fees are administrative fees for processing an adoption, at a standard fee of $175.

All animals from PAAS Vinita are spayed or neutered, up-to-date with age appropriate vaccinations, are treated with flea | tick | heart worm prevention. 

Where to go to adopt an animal

You can visit our adoption shelter at 628 South Wilson, Vinita, OK. 74301. Our facility is located on the East side of U.S. Hwy 60/69 at the South end of the city. Our adoption shelter is a completely new concept for our city, county, and areas we are serving. The animals are kept in an area that is functional and comfortable for the animals allowing you to view them.



Being a Volunteer

Best Reasons to Volunteer at PAAS Vinita

The Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter

Make a difference in your community while helping dogs and cats find a good home!

Are interested in making a difference in Craig County or your local community? One of the best places to start volunteering or finding another  place to volunteer is an animal shelter or an animal protection advocate organization. Volunteering states that you are interested in making a difference to help make good healthy community changes. One of the best places for volunteering is at an animal shelter or an animal protection advocate organization.

If you already know that you want to volunteer then lets get started by filling out the contact form below and let us know your interested!


You can --> Click Here <-- and directly to the on-line Volunteer application

Here are some of the Best Reasons for becoming a volunteer at PAAS Vinita:

  1. Be a Part of the Solution not the problem: By joining our volunteers you join a large network of people already working to make a difference in shaping communities into cleaner, healthier, safer  and more humane communities for all animals big and small.  By lending a helping hand, you will be an added value to those already involved and help make the tasks a little easier to manage.
  2. Making the Statement: Volunteering at PAAS Vinita tells others that you are standing up for protection of animals, you're against animal cruelty, and you are helping spread the message for responsible pet ownership  and the protection of animals in your community and in the world.
  3. Happiness & Joy: You will find that you will experience those happy and joyful feelings when you interact with the animals knowing that by their interaction with you they have been comforted by you and can still trust people to be friendly, kind, and loving to them.
  4. Meet Others Like You: You will meet new people and make new friends you did not know felt about animals the way you do. By working along side others that share similar interests as you can develop into new life long friendships.
  5. Discovering the New You: By volunteering at PAAS Vinita you may discover a new you, new skills, and talents you thought you did not have and what you ARE capable of achieving.
  6. Career Goals: By volunteering at PAAS Vinita may change your career outlook or lead you to a new career because of working around animals learning and experiencing new things. Many employers look favorably on individuals that spend time as a volunteer.

Still interested in volunteering? If so get in touch with us today!

About PAAS

With your help PAAS (Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter) is the most comprehensive animal welfare organization in northeastern Oklahoma, providing care and basic medical services for thousands of homeless and unwanted animals each year. 

Our mission is to advocate for the animals of northeastern Oklahoma by advancing their welfare, promoting interest, and fostering the human/animal bond through innovative programs, education, and service. 

PAAS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering and to provide a safe haven for all homeless dogs and cats in our area. Our guiding principle is to improve the quality of life of all the companion animals we assist. 

PAAS Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter's Core Values:

  • We respect animal life and promote the good health of animals.
  • We believe euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals is not acceptable.
  • We believe education is the key to the humane treatment of animals.
  • We believe that the human-animal bond enriches the entire community.
  • We support a better understanding of animals and animal welfare.

Please consider adopting your next pet through PAAS (Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter). Or, you can help by fostering, volunteering, or donating to help support us. If you think you can't make a difference, just look at the difference we are making in the lives of these wonderful, living, breathing pets. We have given these animals a new lease on life. Please help!

To donate please mail checks to: 

P.O. Box 491
Vinita, OK 74301

Or visit our website at:

About Our Director Kay Stout

When you first meet Kay Stout, Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter's new Executive Director, you soon find a person with a great sense of humor who is easy to talk to, a very good listener and an experienced professional.

She will bring these positive traits and over 20 years of experience working with non-profits and animal shelters to her new position in Vinita Oklahoma. On Monday, February 3rd, where many challenges and tasks face her in the new position. Not the least of which will be developing an intake policy to serve a large community of area dogs and cats who are unwanted and in need of a new home.

The served area by Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter will be all of Craig County and the South West Grand Lake area from Bernice around to Disney Oklahoma. The Vinita Police Chief, Bobby Floyd states that his Vinita Dog Pound had over 600 animal control calls in 2013. “From these calls, a total of 243 animals were picked up and 105 were adopted, with most of the others being reclaimed by their owners,” Floyd said. Hundreds more were taken in and adopted out through various area private businesses and veterinarians.

Kay and her family moved to Oklahoma City in 1988, where she began a career working with nonprofit boards including the Oklahoma City Public Foundation, the Parents Assistance Center and the YWCA. She later was named Executive Consultant with Oklahoma Professional Search, and Vice President of the Oklahoma City office of Right Management, a worldwide consulting firm. Her most recent position was Managing Partner in Pacheco Stout Consulting, a business consulting firm. She is past president of Oklahoma City’s Northwest Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow.

In her spare time, she managed to host the “Your Career Connection” show for Clear Channel’s KTOK radio, and was recognized as a “Lady of the Eighties”, by KFOR, News Channel 4, both in Oklahoma City. Kay also chaired a committee that significantly changed the socio-economic division of a public school system. The Girl Scouts awarded her the “Thanks” badge for providing 16 troops and 300 girls with programs designed to better prepare them for today’s world.

Prior to forming Pacheo Consulting, Kay was Executive Director, Second Chance Animal Sanctuary in Norman. “We housed nearly 100 dogs and cats while finding homes for over 600 animals annually. The goal for 2013 was 700 plus,” she explained. “I am looking forward to joining the PAAS team and am impressed with their dedication and approach to establishing a very professional shelter operation in the Vinita area,” Stout concluded

“Stout’s over 20 years experience with nonprofits and animal shelters will be a great asset to starting up and building this new shelter,” Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter Board Chairman Toni Stanley added.

Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter is a nonprofit 501c3 Public Charity dedicated to help eliminate animal suffering and organized to provide a safe haven for homeless dogs and cats in the area. Construction of the new shelter is expected to begin soon and be in operation later this year.

From the Director

Sometimes you are part of something special - that brings meaning to the lives of many.  The Dogs of Lexington documentary provides the medium to tell the story of programs that work - for humans and for animals.  The story or Sarge, within the documentary, has special meaning for me and all of us who were involved.  You realize the impact when Sarge wins the 2014 Hero Dog of the Year award at the annual Oklahoma Veterinary Association conference.

"I remember thanking Mr. Miller for working with Sarge - a growly, nippy dog labeled as hard-to-adopt- who became Sarge, the therapy dog at the Norman Veterans Center.  Mr. Miller looked me in the eye and softly said "I know what it means to get a second chance.  I was on death row for two years."  His dedication to Sarge (and the hundreds of other dogs that have gone thru the program) gives me hope that, for most dogs, if given a chance - they will change your life.   Enjoy the documentary."

Kay Stout, Director of PAAS Vinita